Mega Set
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Mega Set -

With over 16m (52ft) of length, the Mega Set gives you 5 different flexibility choices, making this our most popular kit.
This, combined with our extensive range of attachments is the 'must have' kit for anyone working with wire and cable.

Contents: -

6 x 5mm Red Adoxin 1m Rods, 3 x 4mm Yellow Adoxim 1m Rod, 3 x 6mm Black Adoxim 1m Rods, 5mm Nylon 1m Rod, 5mm Glo Adoxim Swivel 1m Rod, 5mm Red Adoxim Swivel 1m Rod, 4mm Yellow Adoxim Swivel 1m Rod, Flexi Lead, Shape it Flexi Lead, Chain, Super Magnet, Super Beam, Mini Eye & Ring, Gender Changer, Domed Bullet, Flat Bullet, Tuff Hook, 2 x Super Grips (6-10mm & 11-15mm)

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