Polymer Set
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Polymer Set - SRPRS

This non-conductive, shortened set of rods is ideal when working in confined spaces. Whilst it is compatible with the standard range of SuperRod attachments, it has its own range of polymer 'Glo in the Dark' attachments.

- 3 different configurations of kit
- Ideal when working with sensitive materials
  and components
- All attachments are 'Glo in the Dark'
- Easily fits in your toolbox

SRPRS4 - Polymer Set 4

Polymer Set with 4 rods and 5 attachments.

SRPRS8 - Polymer Set 8
Polymer Set with 8 rods and 5 attachments.

SRPRS12 - Polymer Set 12 (shown in picture)
Polymer Set with 12 rods and 5 attachments.
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