Super Six Set
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Super Six Set - 
The Super Six is the intermediate set in the Cable Rod System. Offering 4 variants of flexibility, over 6 metres of rod, plus a range of attachments that enable the installer to push, pull and retrieve cables in many situations.

- 6m (19ft) of rod length
- 4 flexibilities of rod
- 7 cable handling attachments

Contents: -

3 x 5mm Red Adoxim 1m Rods, 2 x 4mm Yellow Adoxin 1m Rods, 6mm Black Adoxim 1m Rod, Flexi Lead, Super Magnet, Mini Eye & Ring, Gender Changer, Tuff Hook, Domed Bullet, Flat Bullet

For 'Super Six Set Bits Tube' - CRS6BT
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